13 Of The Dorkiest Yorkies The Internet Has Ever Seen

Oh, Yorkies, how we love you. Your miniature size, your enviably silky locks. But beneath those golden tresses, there's a good chance you'll find an adorably derpy dork. Let's count down 13 times we caught out a Yorkie being perfectly dorky. 1. The one that threw down their A game and you were like "oh, can we just put on our sweats and watch a DVD?" No biggie. Snarl.

yorkie10Image via Funny Yorkies

2. That one that fell in the loo...what, like you haven't?

yorkie8Image via Funny Yorkies

.3. That one that just couldn't help herself when mum put Britney on because...I'm a slave...for you.

yorkie1Image via Fan Share

4. That one who decided to choreograph his own calendar and rock the rebel yell for Mr. December.

yorkie2Image via Funny Pictures

5. That one that wore Juicy Couture which is like, SO 2009.

yorkie17Image via Misa Minnie

6. That one that rolled up in a carseat on the first day of school.

yorkie4Image via IsCute

7. That one that tries to roar like a lion and doesn't understand what everyone is laughing about.  (ok, wuff).

yorkie20Image via Funny Yorkies

8. That one that talks to himself in the mirror and gets caught.

yorkie13Image via Shot of Whiskey

9. That one that always forgets how toasters work

yorkie11Image via Funny Yorkies

10. That one that always gets called Chewbacca.

yorkie19Image via Shot of Whiskey

11. That one that can't take a bath without her rubber ducky.

yorkie12Image via Fur Kid Fever

12. The one that assumed it was a themed party and realized he made a huge mistake.

yorkie18Image via It's a Nug Life

13. The one that farts in his sleep.

yorkie16Image via mmmmm55mmmmm

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago