14 Bicycle Accessories Guaranteed To Make Your Neighbours Jealous

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 2, 2015

Performance, style, comfort — all things we look for when choosing a bike, and accessorising is half the fun! Picking out the right water bottle, basket, or panniers can make or break the look of your bike, but here at BarkPost we know the perfect, fluffy little accessories that are sure to turn heads as you cruise down the street.

1. The pup who also doubles as a horn.

0000fa8a_medium Image via Aavaxnews

2. “Where are we off to today, mum?”

tumblr_m7frlwr4EM1r2cpzro1_500 Image via Bahhumpug

3. “Bike ride” they said.. “fun” they said.

0bea3df8d3b471e50c9d712f03fd0430 Image via Packdog

4. Such basket. Much cruise.

a830dc22e01c1abf9afe4104d8ab18f1 Image via Pinterest

5. When your accessories know how to accessorise.

5f20f6c0e518d3182a221942d0dadfbf Image via Pinterest

6. Two-wheeled pawfection.

ff99c321891cc89975f4c41119e4bd42 Image via Vicky’s Home

7. “Mum, when you said I was old enough to ride a bike this in not what I had in mind!”

909eea9b52f9593869bbaaa507092ee3 Image via Pinterest

8. #AdrenalineJunkies #NeedForSpeed

8dc0a800827d81eacb7a02cd6392a84d Image via cdn2

9. “Walking is so mainstream.”

6bea481d19b5498f0757a8778bc23b1f Image via Pinterest

10. “Hottie alert, 3 o’clock! Slow down, mum!.”

c7a5fada488ece05a5a2cdbf38945b86 Image via Makezine

11. “Sometimes when Joe gets tired, I pedal for him too.”

Image via Pxleyes

12. “Onwards, hooman!”

53ba545111fa898f89e1c3103749d22a Image via JPmag

13. ” I hope they don’t think there’s any picnic left in here.”

01421499bbfdf658c5d5eb6620836952 Image via Turning Point

14. “I’m a big fan of the snooze cruise.”

8180742664_3a48adc72b_k Image via Flickr

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 2, 2015