15 Dogs Who Are Just Showing Off Their Superior Yoga Skillz

It doesn't get better than chilling on your couch in yoga pants for a Netflix marathon, but there comes a point when you actually have to do some goga to justify wearing them, even if it is just one class. We don't know much about being a yogi, but these pups can definitely help you brush up on your downward facing dog (had to)... and other such moves. 1. "Namaste, I will be your guide today."

Yoga_dogImage via Flickr

2. "We call this pose The Pretzel." 

yoga_dog Image via Dump a Day

3. "Yoga is my time to paws and reflect."

Dog_yoga Image via We heart it

4. "C'mon inner peace... I don't have all day."

Dog_yoga Image via Attach of the Cute

5. "We love yoga... omhh, nom, nom."

Dog_yoga Image via Bathwater

6. "I'm only here for Savasana."

Yoga_dog Image via Imgur

7. "What... it's a great way to get limber for chasing the postman."

Dog_yoga Image via Tumblr

8. "Woo boy! Feel the engergy of the universe!"

Yoga_dog Image via Tumblr

9. "Really helps keep the creaks at bay for an old gal like me."

Yoga_dog Image via Attach of the Cute

10. "I do yoga on my off-days, bro."

Yoga_dog Image via Tumblr

11. Forget everything and clear your mind.

yoga_dog Image via Attach of the Cute

12. "Mom, I'm trying to tell you somethin' here, but I get the feeling you're not listening."

Dog_yoga Image via Yoga Pose Weekly

13. "Uh, yeah Dad, this feels... real good."

dog_car_yoga Image via Attach of the Cute

14. "Today I choose to be calm."

23cfa83cf8cc243b7ae9d5db2201b638 Image via Tumblr

15. "OHMM"

yoga_dogImage via Flickr

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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