22 Dogs Who Could Not Be Less Excited About Winter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 11, 2015

One month(ish) of winter down, ony 2 more to go. Hopefully. Bark-humbug!

At least that’s what these winter-averse pups are thinking. Fireplace? No chance. Snow angels? You can keep ’em. These miserable fluffsters can’t wait for the temperatures to rise and the white carpet of snow to be rolled away for another year.

Let’s commiserate the short days and freezing temperatures along with these 23 winter-hating grumblebums.

1. What do you mean it lasts 3 whole months? That’s almost 2 years of my life!

winterdogs5Image via Flickr

2. I will drop this icicle down your pants in your sleep if you don’t make this ‘winter thing’ go away.

winterdog1Image via Hippie Chick Diaries

3. Not. Amused.

winterdog2Image via The Daily Corgi

4. This is what I think of your ‘winter’.

winterdog17Image via Pinterest

5. Maybe if I just close my eyes this hell will go away.

winterdog4Image via The Round Stable

6. Are you barking kidding me? I will never let you live this down.

winterdog25Image via Epic Fail

7. I played in the snow once. I hated it.

winterdog8Image via Bored Panda

8. So this winter getaway shacked up in some log cabin will be even better than that all-inclusive resort in sunny Majorca I asked for, eh?

winterdog20Image via Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar

9. Like, can we go to the vet or sumfink?

winterdog10Image via City Data

10. So this is what you get up to on a snow day is it? Wow. I’m so impressed.

winterdog11Image via Daily Mail

11. Biting this hideous creature’s head off in 3…2…1…

winterdog12Image via BBC

12. Whatcha mean she’s not real? Cruel, cruel winter.

winterdog14Image via Pinterest

13. Aaaah why does this cold dandruff keep falling from the sky?

winterdogs6Image via Flickr

14. “It’s too cold out, let’s have a girl’s night in,” you said. “It’ll be fun,” you said.

winterdog15Image via Pinterest

15. So. Freaking. Over it.

winterdog9Image via My Brown Newfies

16. I think I’ll just hibernate for the next three months.

winterdog19Image via Treats a la Bark

17. Walkies? In this thing? Ah s’ok let’s just stay home.

winterdog16Image via GX94 Radio

18. Imma pee on this scary white ball thing you spent all morning making.

winterdog18Image via Dog Shaming

19. Winter wonderland? Bollocks.

winterdog24Image via Reddit

20. This is utterly unacceptable.

winterdog22Image via WTOP

21. Oh yea, let’s throw me around in the snow. And I’ll just pee in your brand new Ugg boots. Deal!

winterdog23Image via Kissing Suzy Kolber

22. Bye bye winter, come back never.

winterdog13Image via Love This Pic

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 11, 2015

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