Year of the Sheep? Bahh. Here are 20 Prosperous Pups for Chinese New Year

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 13, 2015

Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year, and although it IS the year of the sheep, these pooches don’t seem to mind. Celebrations in the United Kingdom tend to last just three days instead of the full fifteen, but luckily for the pups, the second day is all about them! On day two, believed to the birthday of all dogs, the pups of the households are honored with special treats and gifts.

Here are 22 Pups ready to sweep away last year’s bad luck and welcome pawesome vibes into 2015!


1) “Raise the woof for the New Year.”

2) “May you have the cuddling strength of a dragon all year.”pintrest

Image via Pinterest

3) “Unleash your happiness. No need to cur-tail it.”

flickrbugbunnybambamImage via Flickr/bugbunnybambam

4) “Remember all your lasting fur-riendships during the festivities.”


Image via BBC News

5) “Leave the treats here and I can promise you a good year.”

lauralobdellImage via Laura Lobdell

6) “My shirt reads, “Will trade belly rubs for good luck.”

shana97deviantartImage via Deviantart/shana97

7) Came for the party. Stayed for the treats.

Image via Jama Rattigan

8) “May your happiness be without tail wagging limits.”

hssvaccblogspotcoukImage via Blogspot/hssvacc

9) “Let your family hound over you today!”

10) “Um, Mom? A little help with the costume here?”

little_projectImage via Little-Project

11) “May all your wishes and tummies be fulfilled.”

chuckhubpagesImage via Hubpages/chuck

12) “Just peed in the middle of the parade… mum was not pleased.”

blogselfstorageImage via Self Storage

13) “May your days be filled with smiles, belly rubs, and butt sniffs.” 

hssvaccblogspotcouk2Image via Blogspot/hssvacc

14) “Birthday smooches for the prettiest pooches on this day!”

photo 1 (16)Image via Instagram/nutella_the_frenchie

15) “Sorry kitties, your fortune does not look good.”

photo 2 (15)Image via Instagram/rosalynmonkeypug

16) “When wealth is acquired, delicious objects follow.”

bighoneydogImage via Big Honey Dog

17) “May a small investment bring ten-thousand biscuits.”


Image via Getty Images

18) “The Dragon Dance brings good weather for good digging.”

jannachanImage via Flickr/jannachan

19) “The more envelopes I get, the better your outlook, bub.”

flckr324Image via Flickr/wilsonsvision

20) “Banish evil with a fancy dance!”

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 13, 2015

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