17 Corgis Who Are A Royal Pain In The Bum!

Now Corgis may be undisputed royalty in the UK, but when it comes to keeping out of trouble, our very own patriotic pups are ranking high on the naughty meter! Behold, 17 Corgis who are a royal pain in the bum:


1. Hair, hair everywhere!

Bad_corgiImage via Dogshaming

2. "Oh... did you want to make sandwiches?"

dirt_corgiImage via Gorbach

3. "Look Mum, I'm a snow plow! Get it? Get it?"

Snow_corgiImage via Imgur

4. "I don't like wearing this cone contraption, but it tastes good."

puppy_corgiImage via Imgur

5. "This is my creepy face!"

corgi_weeImage via Imgur

6. A huge pain in the bum. Literally.

Corgi_bite_bumImage via Dogshaming

7. "Now you can't do the dishes, so how 'bout we just play?"

Corgi_dishesImage via Reddit

8. Shoe shredder in training.

corgi_chew_shoeImage via The Chive

9. "Hmm I could've sworn I left some in here for you."

corgi_crispsImage via Corgi Addict

10. "Look, I decorated for you!"

messy_corgiImage via Corgi Addict

11. Wrong time, wrong place.

tumblr_matjk6fJEw1re4ne0o1_1280-637x477Image via Dog Shaming

12. "The trick is making the tiniest-sized pieces possible. Mum loves that."

6058187518_8148095fe8Image via Flickr

12. Desperately in need of etiquette lessons.

1ffee4d727d3ce57f3623dcc6f311693Image via Pinterest

13. "It really helps digestion, I swear!"

2PXnO4BImage via Imgur

14. ...And you thought your co-workers were bad!

tumblr_mb8h5aokxX1re4ne0o1_1280Image via Dog Shamming

15. "I just got a little over excited about Christmas."

Gucci1-637x529Image via Dog Shaming

16. "The camera may love me, but I do not love the camera."

184852_10200168062668472_1641789336_n-637x477Image Via Dog Shaming

17. "No no, just look at me.. aren't I cute?!"

P1090097-637x477Image via Dog Shaming

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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