15 Dog Burritos You Won’t Find At Chipotle

Winter is pawficially here, and we all know what that means: it's time to wrap up warm. Keeping warm in the winter is easy for us hoomans - we layer up our clothing, dig out our winter hats, snuggle up in scarfs, keep our paws toasty in gloves, and our fleece socks are always close at hand. But our four legged buddies don't have the same luxuries! They often have to make do with a blanket here or a quilt there. As an ode to the ingenious ways pups snuggle up to stay warm, and an ode to one of our favourite cold-weather comfort foods, we bring you what we like to describe as... the most epic dog burritos around. 1. Flapjack just can't deal with the weather right now. Or you. Cant_deal_dog_burrito

Image via Flickr

2. Mika only ventures out of her burrito to change the TV channel. dog_burrito

Image via Flickr

3. Molly the real life sausage roll.Dog_sausage_roll

Image via Flickr

4. Ray is not coming out until at least Christmas. westie_burrito

Image via Flickr

5. Josie says you can just place the treats right here, please and thank you. Treats_dog_burrito

Image via Flickr

6. Ice has spent so long in his burrito he thinks he's guacamole.Ice_puppy_burrito

Image via Flickr

7. Honey playing the part of old mother Hubert. older_dog_burrito

Image via Flickr

8. Jimmy Dean is one happy pup after his burrito nap! Happy_dog_burrito

Image via Flickr

9. Linky doesn't quite fill this epic burrito -- more filling, puhlease! Linky_burrito

Image via Flickr

10. Rocket only pops her nose out to see if there's anything tasty cooking. Yellow_burrito

Image via Flickr

11. This pup is loving life in a multi-coloured burrito.

dog_coloured_burrito Image via Flickr

12. Boo has created the fluffiest dog burrito to ever wiggle over this planet. Boo_burrito

Image via

13. Bear - Such burrito, much wow! burrito-dog

Image via Bearthedog

14. Please leave the burrito rolling to the professionals.

puppy_roll Image via Cheezburger

15. And finally... [#MICDROP] puppy_burrito

Image via GAG

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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