18 Dogs Enjoying a Tipple This Christmas

Enjoying a tipple at Christmas is something many of us do and it only makes sense that our four legged friends want to follow suite.

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun! No pups actually got buzzed in the making of this post ;)

1. "This wine makes my tongue tingle"

1b036f959102ebe1644fff2eb713a9e0Image via Pinterest

2. "This one's mine right?"

Dog_with_beerImage via That cutesite

3."Dad this better be non-alcoholic."

dog_beerImage via Imgur

4. When wine bottles become your cuddle buddy.

dog_wineImage via Imgur

5. "While visions of sugarplums danced in his head..."

Drunk-DogImage via Jokeroo

6. "Stay back! This is all mine."

dog_beerImage via SGforum

7. "I love beer but I have no idea how to use a bottle opener."

Dogs-DrinkingImage via Backlot

8. "All of this celebrating makes me so sleepy."

dog_alcoholImage via Imgur

9. "Hai is that beef flavored by any chance?"

dog_beerImage via Imgur

10. "I may be small but I can drink you under the table!"

puppy_drinkImage via Village Voice

11.  The thought of one more bottle got to much from this pup.

Dog_alcoholImage via Loves4free

12. "Wait... This is the last beer?"

drunk-dogImage via CDN

13. "Oh Jack... I love you so very much."

drunk-dogImage via King West

14.  What is a drink without bar snacks?

dog-drinkingImage via Ambertick

15. "No sorry, I only drink white wine"

dog-wineImage via MSPCA

16. "PAW the wine, we can't wait any longer"

Wine_dogsImage via VA Wine Dogs

17. "Don't judge me... it's Friday."

dog-wineImage via ROFLzoo

18. "If I just take it they won't even notice."


Image via Dogs of Beer


Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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