Disobedient Dogs Who Are Definitely on Santa’s Naughty List

We love our four legged friends, but when it comes to them being naughty or nice they aren't always on the right side of the fence. From finding choice spots to relieve themselves around the house, to making a snack of the family heirloom Christmas ornament, here are some disobedient dogs who are sure to be on Santa Paws' naughty list... That's right lil pups! Santa's watching you, too.

"But she likes it when I bite her shnozz, I swear."Husky naughtyImage via puppy2u

"Mummy, I made it snow!"

naughty_dogImage via Imgur

"You didn't need to see, right?"

Naughty_dogImage via Imgur

"A new method for polishing your jewelry, mum."

naughty_dogImage via Imgur

Totally worth it.

e5d07bc3170ff319bacc8a5a8a996ad7-1Image via Imgur

"Strange, I thought he'd be more savory." 

Dog_santaImage via Dogshaming

"What can I say? I have expensive taste."


Image via Twitter

"I pull the stuffing out of everything... But I look cute doing it."

B3Cve7yIcAAP1pNImage via Twitter

"Mmmm! Other peoples food always tastes better"


Image via Twitter

"It wasn't me it was the kitty."


Image via Twitter

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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