Mind the Yap! 12 Dogs Riding the Tube Like it Ain’t No Thang

Next stop, Barking! Give up your seat for these Underground-lovin' pooches taking over the Tube - and making your morning commute a howlin' lot better... 1. "This is me, pimping my ride."

dogsonthetube11Image via Dogs on Trains

2. "My papa might be as subtle as a dog around a meat pie, but don't mind me."

dogsonthetube1Image via Florence Royer

3. "Move along, nothing to see here." ... Just Rufus, the Pyrenean mountain dog, on his morning commute.

dogsonthetube2Image via Daily Mail

4. "Window seat!! Window seat!!!!"

dogsonthetube7Image via Dogs on Trains

5. "Ok hoomans, you've officially gone barking mad. What is this no pants on the Tube thing? Get me out of here!"

dogsonthetube3Image via Metro

6. "Woot! Got a seat on the Tube!And yes, this is my Woot! face."

dogsonthetube8Image via Britrish

7. "Back in my day, you used to be able to chat to people on the Tube. Now it's all heads down, phones out, earphones in...I mean, really."

dogsonthetube12Image via The Guardian

8. "Just catching up on the news..."

dogsonthetube5Image via Dogs on Trains

9. "Oh hi there, I'm Lola, the bed bug sniffing pooch. I spend my days hopping from the Central Line to the Northern Line sniffing out bed bugs, quite the supawpower, wouldn't you agree?"

dogsonthetube4Image via London Evening Standard

10. "Wake me up when we get to Isle of Dogs... cheers luv..."

dogsonthetube9Image via Dogs on Trains

11. "Just heading to Barker Street, me, how 'bout you?"

dogsonthetube10Image via Dogs on Trains

12. "Boss really busted my chops today. Looking forward to putting my feet up when I get home."

dogsonthetube20Image via You and Your Dog

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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