11 Dogs Who Are Totally Cool With Being Single This Valentine’s Day

While some pooches might be sad to be a lone woof this Valentine's Day, there are also those who are quite happy going stag. No need to share their fave bone with a hungry pawtner or shell out a fortune on cheesy 'I woof you' cards. Plus they get all of their hooman's attention -- sounds pretty good to us! Here are some pups who think being single this Valentine's Day is pawesome...  

1. "I'm just way too busy with my career to be dating."

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2. "Go out for dinner with you? Pawleeez. I have a Sherlock Bones marathon with my name on it."

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3. "Soz. There's pawsitively no room for you here."

October-30-2012-01-31-26-yyyyyyImage via

4. “Screw soppy ‘Lady And The Tramp’ romance. I don’t share food.” 

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5. "I'm just really into my 'me' time at the minute, you know?"

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6.  "Settle down? But it wouldn't be fair to limit my smooches to just one pooch."

Kissing-BoothImage via

7.  "It's just me and the open road, baby!" 

Funny-Dog-PicsImage via

8. "I'm kind of a blanket hogger..."

October-27-2011-22-47-17-article20404610E0895DE00000578666634x472 Image via

9.  "Aunty be like, 'have you found yourself a nice doggy friend yet!?'"

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10. "Sorry, I'm washing my hair that night."

8020 PennyImage via

11. "My heart is already somewhere else..."

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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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