11 Dogs Who Failed So Hard at Agility (But Get Points for Trying)

There's no denying that dog agility courses are fun to watch, but this fast-paced dog sport requires immense communication between dog and handler. Jumping hurdles, scaling ramps, racing through tunnels, and weaving between poles challenges the pair's skills, and when it all goes down without a hitch it looks PAWless. But now and again things get a little ruff, and even the most well trained pooches can get it wrong. Without further ado... 1. This little guy who decided it was just easier to go under.

Puppy-agilityImage via Familypet

  2. This pup who didn't "see this saw."

SeeSaw_FailImage via Susangarrett

  3. This Pooch who decided to go for a swing.

y5ba8EImage via Giftube

  4. This pooch who thinks he's got it down. (He hasn't.)

vJz93XImage via Giftube

5. This pup that knows something has gone seriously wrong.

dog_fail Image via Rdrift

6. This guy who's head must be spinning. vZOrG5

Image via Giftube

7. This pooch who missed the mark!

Dog_failImage Via Funnypicclip

8. This little one who's probably feeling a little dizzy right now.

Who_put_that_thereImage Via Crufts

9. This pup who gave in when nature called.

Dog_PoopImage via Giphy

10. This guy who was on fire and had to stop, drop and roll!

Dog_rollImage Via Crufts

11.  And there is only one word for this pup... Faceplant. KkaoYq

Image via Giftube

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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