17 Dogs Who Flippin’ Love Pancakes

It's not only us hoomans who can't get wait to stuff our faces with a bajillion pancakes this Shrove Tuesday -- pooches are big fans of the tasty treats too! Whether you're opting for fluffy American-style snacks or crispy crepes are more your thing, you can bet these sweet-toothed pups will be hovering around the frying pan with their eyes on the pawrize! *Remember: There are plenty of dog (and hooman!) friendly pancake recipes online that you can check out and adapt to suit your little buddy!   1. "I puggin' love pancakes!" pug pancakes

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2. "Mum! Look! I can fit ten in my mouth at once!"


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3. "Laugh it up. If I humour them, I might get more pancakes..."


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4. "OHMAGAWWWD. I've not been this happy since the time I found that leftover Nando's in the bin!"


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5. "Bone appetit!"


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6. "Now that's what I call pawfessionaly served pancakes!"


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7. "Plain? Come on, bro... I'm pretty sure I saw you put Nutella on yours."


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8. "Pancakes? I kinda prefer woofles..."


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9. "Wake me up when the syrup gets here."


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10. "I eatz these now?"


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11. "Jack russelled up a great feast!"


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12. "Only one? Are you fur real?"


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13. "Mark, you missed the frying pan... again..."


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14. "I think I deserve a round of apaws..."


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  15. "I eat pancake. Then camera." 7858922410_c26bc787a4_m

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  16. "I'm torn between wearing as stylish hat or eating for all the noms."

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17. "Oh hey there. Is that pancakes I see?"


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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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