11 Dogs Whose Rain Game is on Point

The long cold winter is setting in, and in the UK we know that means one thing... rain, and lots of it! It's time you dust off your rain coats, wellie boots, and get yourself a sturdy umbrella... in fact just take your lead from these pups, who literally have you covered!   1. "Come at me rain! I ain't scared"

3480fdec9841fa9b8ad42247a374b3eeImage via Pinterest

2. Floods don't bother this dude!

9c00277b26d4869bf84926d39cb12652 Image via costume works

3. "Ahhhh! I see the rain, it's coming!"

tumblr_n6wlsnTV6A1qhf535o1_1280Image via Batpig and Me

4. Boo likes to pretend he is the sun to ward off the mean rain storms.

7a48dbaad34896d04f077aad547273fcImage via facebook

5. "Ralph Lauren pawnestly never looked better, right?"

Rescue Dogs and Ralph Lauren Accessories 2Image Via Ralph Lauren

6. He just needs a hat, and that's that.

10903877084_a2cf6e5af6_zImage via Flickr

7. "When it rains I prefer my hooman to do all of the work."

868ee95377a3bab6da90118f2ff29315Image via Zulily

8. "Do you even detachable hood, bro?"

dog_raincoat_umbrella_hood_011Image via Milk-Dog

9. "On Wednesdays, we wear yellow."

cefefb11cb4799ec1b9d5b051dde9ec5Image via Flickr

10. "No, we didn't plan this."

dog-walker-and-dogs-in-raincoatsImage via Inmenlo 

11. "Rain or no rain, a dog's gotta walk, man."

enhanced-buzz-3166-1372866384-0Image via Facebook

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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