17 Dogs Who Can Teach You A Thing Or Two About Working Out

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 16, 2015

It’s January and that means one thing (for some of us)… time to hit the gym. If you having a hard time getting started or just have no idea what to do in the gym (most of us) take your lead from these 17 motivational mutts who can’t get enough of the burn!

1. Workout level – “beast mode.”

Crossfit-DogImage via pixgood

2. Drop it like a squat.

workout_dog Image via Social Paws

3. “Yoga is my happy place”

Yoga_Dog Image via Her Campus

4. “Forget weights, Check out my upper body workout.”

Dog_gym Image via Make A Gif

5. “Lift and one and two and three!”

Corgi_workout Image via Giphy

6. “Yea, whatever…. I can do that in my sleep!”

Dog_workout Image via Giphy

7. “I run so I can eat cupcakes!”

Image via Giphy

8. PoleFit is all the rage!

Pole_dog Image via imgur

9. Finding the perfect work out partner is half the battle!

workout_dog Image via Fuck Yeah Corgi

10. “I could do Russian twists all day long!”

dog workout Image via Make a Gif

11. “See mum! It’s easy.”

workot_dog Image via CTpost

12. “Come spot me bro!”

dog_workout Image via Media Pickle

13. “Do I look like DeNiro from this angle?”

Boxer_dog Image via Tumblr

14. This persistent pup knows that nothing will stop him… Not even lack of water!

6d9d1c8669e4dc310169bd1c86a8f88e Image via Reddit

15. …and finally we have the Mr. Motivator of the dog world! #DontMess.

dog_bootcamp Image via TBO

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 16, 2015