14 Of The Most Epic Walkies To Take With Your Pup In The UK

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 2, 2015

What makes the great outdoors even greater? Your dog. Take your pup to these dog-friendly spots and they’ll love you forever…though they probably already do.

They’ll love you even more!

1. Tarn Hows (North West)

If you’re heading up North then stop by Lake District. It’s hard for dogs to look anything but majestic in front of scenery like this:

digital_doodlesvia Instagram emmahardiman100via Instagram

And besides this park being one of England’s natural beauties, it’s a place where dogs can really let their fur down and just go cray-cray.

ole_murphy_spanielsvia Instagram

But if you happen to run in to a few of the locals, just be warned…they’re a little weird.AlliSmallvia Instagram


2. Warton Crag (North West)

Sure, it’s not the most elegant sounding place but don’t judge a book by its’ slightly odd sounding name. This place is all about the views:

mitch_darwell4via Instagram

cethanybarlilevia Instagram

As you’re exploring the countryside you’ll certainly meet some pups (and probably their hoomans) along the way. You’ll also meet a stupid amount of cows. If your lil’ angel and cows are sworn enemies, it might be best to give this trail a wide berth…or risk a kick from Bertha.

bluemerlebillvia Instagram


3. South Downs Way (South East)

This beast of a walk stretches for 100 miles, but we’re not suggesting you do the whole thing. The trail can be picked up anywhere from Eastbourne to Winchester and dogs can run free without fear of traffic in most places.

The scenery changes from wooded trails to wide open spaces and there are plenty of places for your pup to explore.


One of the main attractions along this path is the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Over 2000 acres of woodland and lovely trails mean hours of fun.

3 via Instagram                                                                                  via Instagram


4. Seven Sisters (South East)

At the end of South Downs Way (or beginning, depending how you look at the map) is one of Britain’s most beautiful, dog-friendly walks.

Seven Sisters Country Park is named after the iconic chalk cliffs on one of Britain’s finest coastlines. This is one of the few remaining untouched coast lines in South East England and is now protected to ensure it stays that way.

The Seven Sisters trail is about 4 miles long, complete with hilly terrain to really test those leg muscles.

25-01-2015 15-30-13

On a fine sunny day, you’ll be so blown away by the scenery at the famous chalk cliffs. Even the sanest person is inclined to throw their arms open and belt out “The hiiiiiills are alive, with the sound of music.”:

25-01-2015 15-31-47

Plus, you might see an occasional cow or sheep** to take your mind off any burning in your thighs!

**The sheep and cows are a friendly bunch and are used to seeing people and dogs; however, if your pup likes to nip at their ankles, it’s best to keep them close around the livestock.


5. Sissinghurst (South East)

For a family-friendly/activity day type of walk, we’d certainly recommend the 450 acres surrounding Sissinghurt Castle. While dogs can’t actually go in the formal garden area, they are very welcome in the wider estate.

Their Estate Walk is 3 miles long and takes you along the surrounding estate. There’s plenty to check out! If your pup’s a waterbaby, then the two lakes will certainly keep them entertained. The lakes are thought to have formed after clay was excavated in the 15th and 16th century to make the bricks that built Sissinghurst Castle.

Sissinghurst Castlevia Instagram

  • And the parkland: originally created with the Manor House in the 14th century, you can walk around the remains of a large deer park and pig pasture.

Sissing parklandvia Instagram


6. Bamaluz Beach (South West)

Pretty exotic right?

balbeach2via Instagram

It’s a rare Cornish treat: a year round, dog-friendly beach. The town itself, St Ives, is a beautiful seaside fisherman’s haven.

During peak times, this beach can get a little busy with dogs and their owners. But if your dog is a social butterfly, and you don’t mind making small talk, it’s definitely worth a visit. If you’re thinking of a weekend visit, there are plenty of dog friendly B and B’s so you and your pup can rest your paws after a long day of running around the beach…or whatever you do on vacation.

And who doesn’t love seeing dogs swim? It’s both adorable and hilarious.

4via Instagram                                                                                 via Instagram

Remember to bring a towel or two, you’ll want to dust off your pup before getting back home…unless you think your house decor could use an extra bit of sand in the lounge, your call.

sandy pup


7. Castle Neroche (South West)

If you’re looking for some proper ground to cover, head to Somerset. It has scenery that’ll make you say “Ooh Aar”.


Interesting fact about Neroche – the origin of the term is believed to be a contraction of Old English words; nierra and rechich (rachich) for Rache, a type of hunting-dog from the Middle Ages. So Castle Neroche means “camp where hunting dogs are kept”. It’s no Game of Thrones, but it’s a fun fact you can whip out at a rather dull dinner.

5via Instagram

6via Instagram                                                                                    via Instagram


8. Moulden Hill (South West)

Moulden Hill Country Park is doggy heaven on earth. With wide open spaces, and lots of other pups to play around with, this park will put you and your pawrtner in your happy place.

How do I know? A picture is worth a thousand words…

MH1MH2MH3via Instagram & Instagram

And for the waterbabies among us, this park comes with a dog-sized dock that’s perfect for leaping from.

1dc070de318b11e2a7d622000a9e298f_7 63798cf0318b11e29dbc22000a1f9e59_7via Instagram

Moulden Hill has paths around Moulden Lake and further afield if you’re feeling fit. It’s a firm favourite among the local hounds so you’ll have plenty of company and your pup will have loads of butts to sniff.


9. Hampstead Heath (London)

North London’s not-so-hidden gem. This little slice of greenery offers beautiful views over London from the top of Parliament Hill and actual fresh air…as fresh as it gets in London. While you’ll have to keep your dog on the lead just as you’re entering the park, after you get in feel free to unleash and let your pup do their thang.

17-01-2015 18-18-23via Instagram

17-01-2015 18-17-27via Instagram

Just hop on the Northern Line or the Overground to get there or, if you’re driving, there’s a car park near Hampstead Heath Overground Station.

17-01-2015 18-19-13via Instagram


10. Hollow Ponds (London)

East London is the land of the hipsters; retro plastic sunglasses at night, skinny ties and all that good stuff. But, nestled in between Stratford and Leytonstone is a little known dog-haven: Hollow Ponds.

17-01-2015 18-39-21via Instagram

Dogs, their owners and dog fanatics (I may or may not go to the park with treats in my pocket just so dogs will come up to me and I can pet them) can walk around the open field and pond area or venture through the trails that lead around the back of the park.

I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned it but dogs + swimming = hours of fun. Here’s some shots of dogs enjoying the pond at Hollow Ponds.

17-01-2015 18-33-46via Instagram17-01-2015 18-58-46 via Instagram

When told to get in the water and play like the other dogs, Rufus replied “HOOMAN. Do you know how cold it is?!”17-01-2015 18-36-35via Instagram



11. Battersea Park (London)

Between Albert Bridge and Battersea Power Station lies a picturesque little park in Battersea. Home to London’s poshest of posh, it’s a beautiful little park that almost lets you forget all about stressful city life.

17-01-2015 20-11-41via Instagram17-01-2015 20-03-28via Instagram

Take your pup there and they might get the chance to sniff one of the Made in Chelsea crew’s butts. It’s just south of the river and filled with photo ops for you and your pup. Calling all part-time photographers! Go get your Instagram on.

17-01-2015 20-37-42via Instagram17-01-2015 20-24-21via Instagram

And if you happen to be in the position to help out, Battersea Dogs Home is just around the corner.

12. Penistone Hill (North East)

Yorkshire is known for their pudding, tiny dogs and countryside that kicks all other countryside’s rear ends.

17-01-2015 21-09-09via Instagram

Penistone Hill is just one of the many hilly gems in the region. And dogs love it too and let’s be honest, walkies are 80% about your dog (and 20% attempting exercise).

17-01-2015 21-16-36via Instagram17-01-2015 21-14-55via Instagram


12. Boultham Park (North East)

This park is billed as a dog-friendly park with open spaces for your dog to run free and plenty of wooded areas for you and your pup to explore.

29-01-2015 16-09-06via Instagram

And as an added plus – this park has ample doggie waste bins so you can be a good person and pick up your dog’s poop without having to carry it around for the rest of your walk. Even though it’s safely wrapped up, it’s always slightly uncomfortable walking around with poop in a bag longer than you have to.

Instagram29-01-2015 16-26-22via Instagram


12. Llansteffan Walks (Wales)

There’s nothing more splendiferous than a walk in the Welsh countryside. Llansteffan is a beachside walk that’ll have your pup pumped for some fresh air and cold water.

29-01-2015 17-26-35via Instagram

You and your pawrtner can wander along the water’s edge or find a sandy spot to ponder the trials and tribulations of life.

“If they give me bacon-flavoured treats, why won’t they just give me some damn bacon?”wandering_abbyvia Instagram


Make sure to watch out for these nasty buggers washing up along the shoreline – they float like a butterfly, sting like a…jellyfish.b3ndubzvia Instagram


14. Mugdock County Park (Scotland)

For those of us who aren’t quite ready to tackle Scotland’s BEAST of a mountain, Ben Nevis, why not try something a little less intense and a lot more enjoyable. Mugdock County Park is a favourite for dogs and their owners for a few reasons.

A. Everyone loves a water feature. r_mck89via Instagram

B. MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!leonamcgonaglevia Instagram

C. Endless opportunities for Hide & Seek.mcgibbonkvia Instagram

D. It’s a great place to catch up with your favourite betches and have a good old chinwag.jezzasinclairvia Instagram

There you have it. Just a small few of the thousands of walks around the country that is known for beautiful countryside and, unfortunately, Piers Morgan.

Now go say the magic “W-A-L-K” word and get steppin’.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 2, 2015

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