This Man Quit His Job To Cycle Around Britain With His Dog

Let me introduce you to your new hero. Joshua Sivarajah of Southampton quit his job for the adventure of a lifetime - cycling around Britain with his best mate, Nero the cuddly Collie!

nero6Image via Daily Mail

"Nero is my best friend," Joshua told the Daily Mail. "When I went to see the litter he was the only puppy that ignored me. I was determined at that point to make him love me."

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The dashing duo rode 2,500 miles in four months, from Cornwall to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, and even made it to Ireland thanks to a friendly fisherman.

"I grew up reading books like CS Lewis and Tolkien. I wanted an adventure of my own. I gave up my job, my house and my possessions," Joshua said.

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The original plan called for Nero to run alongside Joshua's bike as he toured the country, but that idea was quickly binned when Nero burnt his paws on the hot road on the first day! Ouch! So Joshua found a welder in Whitby to modify his bike, adding a shelf to the back for Nero to sit on. Talk about riding shotgun! "He’s not strapped in, for him it’s like being a passenger on a motorbike," Joshua said. "He’s only fallen off once, and that was when he went to sleep."

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It's no surprise that Nero attracted a lot of attention on the road, with total strangers inviting them in to their homes for a meal or to spend the night. They also camped in parks and farms, with other costs like food being funded through his Go Fund campaign. "Having Nero with me is a great conversation starter and the people we meet always want to find out more about him and what we are doing.

"All I have to my name is Nero, a tent, cooking stove, some clothes and some trainers," Joshua said.

nero3Image via Daily Mail

The journey was such a success that Joshua and Nero are now planning a biking trip around Europe on the same customised bike. "He is my best friend and with me all day, every day. Nero is my dog, friend, companion and soul mate. This has been one great adventure."

nero2Image via Daily Mail

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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