This Globetrotting Corgi Has Visited More Countries than Most of Us Could Ever Hope For

He's a goofball of fluff, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who travels more in a year than most of us have in our entire lives, and is one of the supawstars of BarkPack UK. Did we mention he's half-French? Oh yes, Marcel Le Corgi can give us all a lesson in culture and class... snuggling into a comfy doggy carrier to ride in style. We're head over paws for Marcel, and you will be to once you get to know this smiley, stubby-legged corgster. marcel4 Marcel has his own pet passport. Marcel loves sniffling around England, Wales, Germany, Belgium and France, and is heading to the Alps for his first taste of snow this winter! So like any tail-wagging traveller, Marcel decided to start Le CorGuide, a series of photos hamming it up in front of landmarks in the UK as well as abroad. Follow Marcel on Facebook to guess where in the world he is. It's also a pawesome guide to hotels, pubs, and other pup-friendly places throughout Europe! marcel5 He loves road trips. By the age of one, Marcel had already travelled by car, train, tube, bus, ferry and... even canoe! His favourite way to travel is hopping on the back seat of the car and getting cosy in his safety harness. He also loves taking the Tube and bus in London (pups ride free!), but isn't a huge fan of the ferry when travelling to Europe (pooches have to stay in the car alone during the crossing). marcel1 He prefers the great outdoors. From glamping in Wales to swimming in French lakes, Marcel loves nothing more than feeling the wind in his fur and the grass under his paws. Throw in a muddy puddle or two and he's in doggy heaven. marcel3 He's patented his own 'treat dance'. Even dogs put on weight on vacation. Marcel "mysteriously" put on one kilo during a trip to France this summer...the mystery was solved when family members admitted to having fed him ham and other treats! Back home Marcel is fond of pig ears, and a locally-made treat called Sea Jerky Tiddlers, which are made from 100% fish skin dried and pressed into small cubes. Since they're low in calories, mum can give him more of them than other treats, and they're pawfect for tricks training too. That corgi gravitas. Marcel gets attention everywhere he struts his stubby stuff, but believe it or not, Corgis are pretty rare in the UK, especially in Central London... so you can imagine the attention he gets strutting down the street. And of course, everyone wants a photo of Marcel!
  Marcel's favourite places: 1. L'Hostellerie des Châteaux in a small village of Alsace. Dogs are welcome throughout the hotel, and they can arrange a pet sitter while parents explore the region. They even have a furry doxie receptionist called Dompé! marcel2 2. Comptoir Gascon in London, where Marcel's papa surprised mama with an amazing birthday dinner - and the cherry on the cake was bringing Marcel! 3. Emirates Air Line, which crosses the river Thames at Greenwich and where Marcel can see London from above. 4. Rhossili Beach in Wales, voted one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world - a special place where he was let off leash for the first time at six-months-young. marcel8
Need more Marcel? Follow him on Instagram!
All photos by Marcel's mum A. Four

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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