Injured Dog Becomes Internet Sensation Thanks To Sunny Outlook And Stroller

Written by: Melina Giakas

January 9, 2015

Truffle is an adorable dog that broke his two front legs after slipping down a rock face. With the help of his owner the courageous pooch was able to turn an unfortunate accident into a tail wagging summer adventure!

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Truffle is a one-year-old Lagotto living in Australia. The lovable giant enjoys swimming in the harbor and walking through the beautiful parklands with owner Peter Taylor and puppy pal Enzo. It was on one of their typical adventures that Truffle’s accident occurred. After enjoying a swim on Boxing Day, the dogs and their owner were walking to the top of a viewing platform, near Lady Macquarie’s chair when Truffle slipped down a rock face. “He took one step too far and disappeared over the edge”, recalls  Taylor. Terrified, Taylor raced down with Enzo leading the way. The two found Truffle injured below.

“ I heard a horrible scream from the footpath below and someone later told me that they saw a dog flying through the air,” says Taylor.

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Taylor rushed Truffle to the vet where they discovered he had broken both of his front legs. Both legs were put in casts leaving Truffle with “little robot arms” explains Taylor. The poor dog had limited mobility since he could only barely move them up and down.

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While resting at home, Truffle was in extra good paws with Enzo. The Chocolate Lagotto has worked as a ‘therapy dog’ for the past four years in a mental health facility. During his time off Enzo focused his skills on comforting Truffle through his recovery. Owner Taylor says he even gave Truffle nudges on the nose and licks on the paw to remind him that he’s there with him.

Even with Enzo keeping Truffle company, Taylor worried about his energetic dog, being cooped up in an apartment all summer. With this in mind Taylor thought up a clever way so that Truffle wouldn’t miss another sunny day. He decided to borrow a stroller from a friend to take Truffle along for their daily walks.

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At first, Taylor was nervous to how people would react to seeing him push his nearly 50 pound dog around in the suburban neighborhood. “I am worried that people think I’m attempting to channel a Hilton or a Kardashian with my dog in a stroller,” laughs Taylor. “In reality just trying to make sure my dogs, Truffle and Enzo, make the most of the summer and can get away from the apartment.

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Of course, when people saw the happy dog they couldn’t get enough! People have been asking to take selfies with Truffle and from the looks of it, he’s a natural for the camera! Taylor also says Truffle loves the attention although he does share concerns about Truffle getting used to his new fame. “I just don’t know how he’ll return to normal life when the cast comes off!” jokes Taylor.

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(Ummm … a cute guy strolling you around town as you become an instant internet sensation… what’s not to like?!)

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Besides being an adorable fluffball, Truffle truly exemplifies the difference a positive outlook can have on an unfortunate situation. While we wish Truffle a speedy recovery, we have to admit that we can’t get enough of his adorable stroller pictures! To see more and keep updated with the trio’s adventures follow Taylor’s instagram! @pupsinthecity

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Written by: Melina Giakas

January 9, 2015

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