You Probably Didn’t Know What Your Pooch Says about Where You Live

You've probably spotted the odd Chihuahua in Camden and Miniature Schanuzer in Mayfair, and if you own a pug, well, there's a good chance you live in Primrose Hill. So can your dog really reveal where you live? According to a survey by the Kennel Club, it sure can.

londondogs3Image via Gary Roberts/Kennel Club Picture Library

While Londoners from north to south love their Labs, trendy neighbourhoods like Shoreditch and Islington are opting for handbag hooches like Smooth Coated Chihuahuas and Maltese Terriers, while East Londoners go big or go home with their top dog - Staffies!

londondogs2Image via Gary Roberts/Kennel Club Picture Library

It's probably no surprise that West Londoners are big fans of the regal Cavalier King Charles and chic Cocker Spaniel, and city boys in Canary Wharf are bringing their Long Haired Chihuahuas to the office. Bark low, sniff high!

Those lucky enough to have outdoor space or live close to parks in South West and North West London are choosing Labs, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers for their BFFs.

londondogs1 Image via Gary Roberts/Kennel Club Picture Library

And if you've noticed a lot of Frenchies sniffing about, there's good reason - they're the number one top rising breed around town. Move over Winston, French bulldogs are taking over!

Does your dog represent where you live in London?

h/t and thanks to the Kennel Club for passing along data!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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