25 Pups Who Could Not Be More Ready to Meet Santa

Tis the season for dogs all over the world to get their Christmas on. They may not understand why we go crazy over trees we don't even pee on, but they do know at some point during December they get a toy wrapped in delicious paper, and they puppin' love it. We took to the streets and the interwebz to find some pups ready to meet Santa Paws this Christmas.   1. Somewhere between a bear and a dog is the Chow Chow. This one's is attempting to disguise himself one of Santa's reindeer...but we're onto you Chow Chow. Christmas Chow Chow   2. "Please Santa, please bring me a cat to chase."

jack russel terrier christmas treevia Instagram

  3. “Don’t you dare try to sit on my lap.”

Winston the bulldog santavia Instagram

  4. “OH MY DOG...I look fabulous!”

  5. “Hey ma, are those cookies for me”

  6. “No time to explain. Just get to the sleigh!”

Jack the puppyvia Instagram

  7. This is the only present we want under our tree this year.

via Pinterest

  8. ”One is not amused.”

akitavia Instagram

  9. “Merry Derp-mas!”

derpvia Instagram

  10. Archie really lights up the room with his pout.

Archie lakeland terriervia Instagram

  11. Meet Corgnelius and Stumphrey, the dynamic Christmas duo.

corgvia Corgnelius

  12. “HOOMAN! Is there something on my head?! I really feel like there’s something on my head.”

shih tzu christmas treevia Instagram

  13. After Santa discovered poop in his sack, it was easy to tell which rein-dog was the culprit.

border terrier reindeervia Instagram

  14. “I’ve been staring at this Elf on the Shelf for hours now…why won’t he blink?!”

christmas elfvia Instagram

  15. “Who? Me? Oh yeah, I look good.”

choco lab santavia Instagram

  16. Ever seen a pupped off Samoyed? Now you have.

sANTA sAMOYEDvia Instagram

  17. “The second you turn around, I'm chewing this thing up.”

gusvia Instagram

  18. “Wait...What? A big man comes down the chimney in the middle of the night?!...Can I sleep with you guys tonight?”

chiuahua santavia Instagram

  19. “I just peed on this tree.”

retreivervia Instagram

  20. “You said hang the lights. You didn’t specify where.”

boxer lightsvia Instagram

  21. Pitbull 1: “OH MAH DOG! It’s Christmas! I puppin’ love Christmas! Don’t you JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS, Frank?!” Frank: “I’m Jewish.”

pitbullsvia Instagram

  22. This American Staffy might not love his costume, but we do:

staffyvia Instagram

  23. “Does this hat make my head look fat?”

Finnvia Instagram

  24. “I hope the guys from the park don’t see me like this."

reindeer retrievervia Instagram

  25. And finally, if Hugh Hefner was at a dog at Christmas, he’d be this pup.

Henry jacket via Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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