7 Reasons Our Hearts Swell for Battersea

Whenever we think of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, we can't help but wag our tails. The organization, which has three centres in Southeast England, helps reunite lost pups with their owners, and they rehome thousands of abandoned and stray dogs (and cats!) each year. From putting the fun in fundraising, to being our favourite ear-scratchin' superheroes, here are seven howl outs for Battersea. 1. Battersea is the oldest animal welfare centre in the U.K. They’ve been rescuing and rehoming pooches since 1860 (and furry felines joined a few years later). Over 150 years old, Battersea has enjoyed support and attention from many organizations, celebrities, and charity pawtners over the years. In 1862, Charles Dickens himself published an article in support of Battersea!

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2. It Was Founded by A Lady Badass How did a divorcee from the country come to open one of the most famous animal rescue centres in the world? 59-years-old and alone, Miss Mary Tealby moved to London and was saddened to see the plight of so many homeless pups. She poured her heart into starting Battersea - then called the Temporary Home for Lost & Starving Dogs - defying many of the norms and expectations for women (and humanitarianism!) in Victorian England. She took over a stables in Holloway and started to rescued stray scruffies from the streets. At the beginning, society was skeptical of her work, but over the years people started to come around... and the rest is, well, history!

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3. They organised a national tea party! This year on October 24, dog (and, yes, cat) lovers all over the UK hosted tea parties to raise much-needed bones for Battersea. Community Fundraising Manager Miriam Goodall told BarkPost, “We had a fantastic turn out in the first year of this event, with almost 400 people from across the UK registering to host their Ruff ‘n’ Ready and Purr-fect Tea Parties." Think of all the puppy chow that was served! If you missed out, you can still host - get your free party pack here.

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4. They aim to never turn away a critter in need... Battersea provides love and care to a jaw-dropping 9,000 animals a year, striving to keep them healthy and happy until they find a home, no matter how long it takes. That's a lot of bellies that need a-rubbin', but they make it work with a strong volunteer base, fundraising, and community outreach efforts.

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5. ...Not even a 19-year-young pooch called Blackie. That's right, he's 19... 133 in human years! This mesmerising mongrel was full of beans when he arrived in 2012 - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Battersea is one of very few rescue centres with a non-selective intake policy, meaning they accept any breed, at any age, with any sort of medical or behavioral problems.

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6. They get a lot of Staffies, so they launched the Staffies. They’re Softer Than You Think campaign. These noble terriers make up one third of Battersea's total dog intake, and their award-winning campaign continues to help reshape the negative perceptions that surround Staffies. Search their hashtag #SofterThanYouThink on Facebook or Twitter to read pawesome Staffie stories, and check out Stitch the Staffie, Battersea's soft and, erm, woolly, Staffie posterdog.

battersea5Image via Daily Mail

7. Paul O'Grady and Battersea: friends furever Dog's best friend Paul O'Grady has been a buddy of Battersea's for years. Every week on his show For the Love of Dogs, O'Grady hangs out with some of Battersea's hippest hounds and finds them their furever homes. The show, in its third season, is gripping, educational, and pretty darn heartwarming to boot.

battersea3Image via Facebook

Go to Battersea's site to check out pups that are qualified for rehoming, and follow them on Facebook to get updates on events, happenings, and For the Love of Dogs!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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