10 Masterfully Sculpted Snowdogs That Will Put Your Snowman To Shame

When I see snow, my twelve-year-old instinct tells me wants to race out and build a huge snowman complete with coal buttons and carrot nose, but these days I've been inspired by snow artists who take their sculptures to the next level. What level, you ask? Snowdog level. Check out these 10 frosty dog creations that are nothing short of masterpieces...

1.  This bright eyed bushy tailed little guy.

snowdogImage via American family dog training

2. This snow dog who seems to enjoy howling at the moon.

sculpture21_fsImage via Elynevada

3. This guy seems to be perfectly positioned.

dog_snow_treeImage via Lush home

4. This is one epic snow dog with his little snowy friend.

SnowdogImage via Winter carnival

5. This guy who has sNOw problem seeing double!

Snow-Sculpture-Dog-in-the-Mirror-themoensImage via Fantacular Designs

6. This huge snow-pup who should have now problem scaring away any frosty kitties. 

6a00e553ee40cf88330147e24d9c41970bImage via sfcuilife

7. This perfectly preened snow poodle.

Image via poodle and dog blog

8. This snowy representation  of a real life sour puss!

snow dogImage via Facebook

9. This snowwoman's best friend 

snow woman and dogImage via HD Screen

10. ...and this guy who just wants to chill out with his bone.

Dog_in_dog_house_snowImage via elynevada


Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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