You’ve Been PUPPIED! 15 People Who Got The Best Surprise Gifts Ever

We love surprises and we love puppies so when you put the two together it becomes the ultimate tear jerking extravaganza. Grab your tissues and prepare for everyone in the office to be asking why you are grinning at your screen like an idiot. Special note: We believe puppies should be carefully considered before they’re brought home, but it looks like these pup’s lives will be filled with so much gentle kindness and love. If you're looking to give a pup-tastic gift this Christmas, check out BarkBuddy and BarkApproved! BarkApproved is our new service where we'll match you with the perfect pup of your dreams. 1. This girl is so excited she can't stop crying and almost forgets about her puppy. 2. There's something lurking under the Christmas tree... 3. This guy seems a little upset until... 4. He opens the car door and is floored, literally. 5. This girls Pinterest dreams come true! 6. A little bundle of joy arrives at the front door. 7. This pup is super excited about her surprise hooman. 8. What is it? A doooooog! 9. Just speechless. 10. You're the best mommy in the world! 11. Every time the door bell rings I will now be expecting a puppy. 12. She meets her dad at the airport and he has something extra special in his luggage. 13. A surprise adoption for both foster mum and dog!

14. These girls fell in love with a puppy at a shelter and left with out him, but then 5 minutes later... Watch part one here

15.This dad drives 800KM to adopt the dog of his sons dreams!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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