20 Life Lessons From Dogs Who Want You To Have A Terrierific Day

Terriers by definition are ruff, tough, and pawsitively adorable. A terrier can brighten your day, and these ones have made it their jobs to do so. Here are 20 terriers who're here to share some advice on how to make today the most brilliant day ever. 1. Spend time with family: "Dad, took me out boating since I've been a good bouy!" terrier on boat 2. Go for a good run: "I take Cairn of myself with lots of exercise." terrier running 3. Catch up with friends: "We're on a pup crawl!" terrier pup crawl 4. Get in touch with nature: "I like to reconnect with my bark every now and then." terrier with stick 5. Root for your team: "Nothing like league matches on a Tuesday night! Come on you Roooooooovers!" terrier watching TV 6. Challenge yourself: "Face your fears sooner rather than ladder." Terrier on ladder 7. Hang in there: "No bull... don't ever give up." bull terrier tug of war 8. Take an impromptu trip: "Don't tell Mum, we're bunking off!" dogs in cars 9. Sightsee: "Off the lead and ready to Rome." terrier sightseeing 10. Buy a new outfit: "Splash the cash for this canine." sharp dressed terrier 11. Give a snuggle: "Bear hug?!" terrier bear hug 12. Make time for romance: "Hello love, fancy a sniff?" terriers kissing 13. Be confident: "Just another dogged day at the park." terrier with frisbee 14. Get your groove on: "Impressed? You should see my foxtrot!" terrier dancing 15. Pamper yourself:  "I lay in a lap of luxury."  Tiny dogs hiding in tea cups - 16. Be sneaky: "Cheeky tramp trying to get a peek at his Lady." sneaky terrier 17. Roll in style: "Strap on the caravan, this hound is on holiday." terrier driving 18) Indulge your palette: "Not even a bit peckish after Nando's." terrier at the beach 19. Pawsitive attitude: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it hoomans like me." big ears dont care 20. Footie in the park: "This would be ace if you had a clean tackle today." dogs playing soccer

Hope Bobbitt Writer

7 years ago

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