15 Dogs Who Don’t Approve Of Your Black Friday Shopping

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 25, 2015

As a huge shopaholic, I’ve always loved hunting for Black Friday sales and deals. On a regular day, Remix is pretty content with hanging out at home and sleeping. However, if he knows I’m going shopping, it usually ends with me coming home to paper being ripped to shreds! It’s good to know that I’m not the only human out there with a pup that doesn’t appreciate Black Friday.

1. “If you don’t have shoes, you can’t go shopping!”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 6

2. “Too much shopping, can’t go on.”
BarkPost - Black Friday

3. “Oops, guess I chewed one too many.”
BarkPost - Black Friday 2

4. “It’s only fair if I get to go Black Friday shopping, too!”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 4

5. “I am the purse destroyer!!”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 1

6. “This should make it harder for you to go Black Friday shopping without me!”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 3

7. “Can’t buy anything if you don’t have your checks!”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 5

8. “Without coffee, you won’t be able to shop for that long. Oh yes, I know you humans’ ultimate weakness.”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 2

9. “Whatever happened to Christmas being about family, huh?”
BarkPost - Dog Shaming 7

10. “‘Nuff said.”
BarkPost - Black Friday 3

11.”Just don’t ask me to drive you to the mall.”
BarkPost - Black Friday 4

12. “The more you buy, the more pee pads for me. ;)”
BarkPost - Black Friday 6

13. “I might have gotten a tad carried away.”
Barkpost - Black Friday 8

14. “Was that Playstation 4 worth it, human? I had to make my OWN sandwiches while you were away, and looked what happened.”
BarkPost - BlackFriday 7

15.”I saw everything you wanted to buy and decided you didn’t need it. Don’t give in to capitalistic desires. And, uh…woof woof.”
BarkPost - BlackFriday 9

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 25, 2015