A New Twist In The Story For Adam, The Dog Allergic To Humans

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 15, 2015

Adam, a delightful little Black Lab mix, has an allergy to the most unexpected thing in the world, and the worst thing for a dog loved by so many people. He’s allergic to human dander, and at one point his pain was so much that he was in danger of being euthanized.

before adam

When he arrived at the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in 2014, this guy was the picture of sadness. The rescue’s president, Robin Herman, explained that “[Adam’s] skin was just seeping. He felt like Vaseline. Reddish-pinkish fluid would just ooze out of his skin.” The poor guy was miserable, and all anyone wanted to do was give him ruv and belly rubs.

begging adam

After months of blood tests and a valiant effort by his rescue team, this pup now has his fur back where it belongs and will spend the rest of his days with a member of the medical team, Beth Weber, who has cared for him for the past year. She keeps track of all of Adam’s medications and ensures he gets his bath every three days, swapping out shampoos every other time. What better human to do the job?

adam pjs

Today, Adam behaves like the joker he is, and still visits the rescue often since his human works there. Herman says, “He loves to climb in a laundry basket and get comfortable in the warm, fresh laundry, and you can see him smile and be coy,” Herman said. “He’s got a great sense of humor about him. He’s absolutely adorable.”

Truly, Adam is one of the lucky ones, in his own way. Cursed with an allergy to humans, but loved by them that much more.

after adam

H/t The Dodo & ABC News

Featured Image via Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, Inc

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 15, 2015