Super-Fan Builds Exact Replica of UP House For Dog

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 24, 2015

We all know UP is an inspiring and heart-warming movie, but no one is more inspired by it than Steve Minty. He’s so crazy about it that he cosplay’s as the film’s adorable character Russell at ComicCon.

The only thing he’s more head over paws in love with than the movie is his rescue dog Dug, named after the UP! pup, of course. That’s why Steve’s bestie, Esteban Gomez, knew nothing could be more special than having Tim Baker’s Super-Fan team build an UP! house for his friend’s favorite pooch.

UP superfan 1

Tim and his group of builders create elaborate nerd-inspired projects for their YouTube show ‘Super-Fan Builds,’ but they’ve never had a project quite like this!

Not only does this doggie den look exactly like the home from the film, it even has fiberglass “balloons” that make the house look like it’s about to liftoff for an adventurous ride into the skies! The team worked tirelessly to create a perfect scaled-down duplicate of the house.

It also features its very own Carl, the old man from the movie, grumpily peering out from one of the windows!

UP superfan 6

This is one pooch that won’t ever mind being in the dog house!

Check out how it all came together in the video below:

h/t to Design Taxi.

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 24, 2015