Shelter Masterfully Parodies “Uptown Funk” To Give Pups Forever Homes

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

May 5, 2015

The humans of the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, CA had a super creative, and funky, idea to show people how awesome their shelter dogs are.

They recorded a super cool parody of “Uptown Funk,” titled “Oaktown Pup.”

Lyrics like “got to lick myself, so pretty, I’m too cute (hot dog)” and “shake on it, if you sexy then flaunt it” will convince anyone that adopting a pup is the cool thing to do.

Part of East Bay SPCA’s mission is to eliminate overpopulation, so the song also has the lyric “spay and neuter your pup” repeated frequently. The shelter is so committed to this that they will spay and neuter Pit Bulls at no cost.

They aren’t the only creative rescue workers out there. Check out the videos below to see how these humans and rescue pups get their groove on.

Workers at the Nevada Humane Society perform an elaborate dance every time someone adopts a dog.

The dogs of Sadie Mae Rescue Foundation really like Lady Gaga.

The SPCA of Wake County hopes you’ll take a chance on their dogs.

And everyone at the Guilford County Animal Shelter shakes a tail to “Who Let The Dogs Out,” because of course.

h/t DogChannel.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

May 5, 2015