U.S. Non-Profit Gifts France With Trained Police Dog In Honor Of Diesel

The entire world was captivated by the sacrifice of a French police dog named Diesel, who gave his life protecting fellow officers during the terrorists attacks in Paris earlier this year.

His bravery prompted Russia to give France a puppy named Dobrynya.


Dobrynya will be an incredible addition to the Paris police force, but it will be quite some time before the pup is ready for duty.

Because Dobrynya has yet to go through training, the Houston, Texas non-profit K9s4Cops will be giving France a pup that would be ready for duty immediately. The organization’s mission is to donate dogs to police departments around the country.


K9s4Cops is still screening prospective pups to find the perfect canine cop for the job. No matter which dog they pick, which will be a Belgian Malinois, the dog will be named Liberte. There are currently three dogs in the running for this very impawtant job.

k9s4cops 2

We know whichever pup makes the cut will do an excellent job protecting the people of France. High paws to K9s4Cops, and, as always, high paws to Diesel – the world will never forget you.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago