Heroic Humans Turn Vacation Into A Stunning Rescue Mission

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 2, 2015

While on vacation in Mexico, Jeff and Diana Hall discovered a pack of stray animals that desperately needed their help. The pack was a bit unusual because it was a mix of both dogs and cats, who were clearly loyal to one another.

The Halls say:

“We counted 34 in total: 8 puppies about 3-4 weeks old, 5 puppies about 14 weeks old, 14 adult dogs and 7 cats.”

The Halls were already dog ruvers. They run a doggie day camp in Minnesota. Their love for animals meant that they could not let these animals continue to fend for themselves.

baja 34 4

The local animal shelter was at capacity and could not take on such a large number of animals. Undaunted, the Halls launched The Baja 34 Rescue Project to save this unlikely family.


The dogs and cats, now dubbed the Baja 34, soon bonded with the couple, but the Halls weren’t able to bring them back to Minnesota at first. The cost of transporting animals from one country to another is enormous. However, thanks to generous donors and fundraising efforts, the couple has raised over $31,000 to cover the costs of vaccinating, spaying and neutering, and transporting the pack to Minnesota.

baja 24 1

If you would like to help every member of the Baja 34 find furever homes in Minnesota, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.

Featured image via Baja 34 Animal Rescue Fund.

h/t Little Things.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 2, 2015