Veterinarian Has Breakfast With Terrified Rescue Dog To Show Her Everything Is Going To Be Ok

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 15, 2016

When Dr. Andy Mathis met Graycie Claire on January 29, the pup was so sick that he thought he would have to put her to sleep. She was emaciated, dehydrated, hypothermic and had a painful vaginal prolapse (graphic photo in the link), which means that her vaginal tissue was protruding through the outside of her vaginal opening. She was in severe pain.


Dr. Mathis knew her condition was too far gone for him to handle on his own. He took her to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia. There, doctors rehydrated Graycie and reduced her prolapse. Her blood levels were extremely low and she was not out of the woods.

Dr. Mathis took her back to his clinic to care for her. To everyone’s surprise, Graycie quickly began to recover.

graycie 2

Although her health was improving, she was still scared. To help her feel more comfortable, Dr. Mathis sat in her kennel with her and ate breakfast! He even ate out of a dog bowl. Watch the video below to see the sweet moment captured on film:

Graycie needs more time to recover emotionally and physically before she’s ready for adoption. You can donate to her care via the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Feature image via Granite Hills Animal Care.

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 15, 2016