Are There Video Games Or Apps My Dog Can Play?

Written by: Casey Estorque

January 18, 2019

Need to entertain your dog? There’s an app for that!

It’s 2019, electronics are everywhere. So it’s no surprise that there are tablet and phone games designed for furry, thumb-less consumers. Interactive apps are perfect for the millennial mutt! They’re a fun playtime alternative for when fetch and tug-o-war get too old (or old-fashioned). Electronic-based games offer a new way to bond with your dogs and stimulate their senses. The pixels, patterns, sounds, and two-dimensionality of electronics are novel and confounding to the canine brain. That’s why watching your dog react to electronic games will be equally entertaining for you and your pup!

Plus, app-based playtime is perfect for pups with mobility restrictions. While the field of dog-targeted apps is new and developing, there are some great apps on the market. We’ve rounded up some options for your furry friend!

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Lonely Dog Toy

video game app for dogs

Lonely Dog Toy is an app full of sounds, teasers, and games designed for endless doggy entertainment! This app features six interactive dog toys, each with unique sounds and shapes to excite any dog. Each game features an object (such as a cartoon rabbit) that scurries, swims, or glides across the screen. You and your dog can choose between a squeaky toy, mouse, rabbit, fish, cat, and laser.

When your dog “catches” the object with their paw, the object will make a noise and change its movement. For instance, the cartoon rabbit scurries through a carrot field with paw marks trailing behind them. When the rabbit is pressed, it squeaks and changes direction. Simply choose select your dog’s electronic toy and watch in awe as your doggy tries to catch or “paw” the toy! This will occupy your dog for hours and entertain you too. The app even features a link to relaxing music for dogs, perfect for when your dog needs to wind down from hours of virtual play.

(Free, iOS, Google)


Video game app for dogs

Do you have a dog that either (A) obsesses over squeaky toys, (B) immediately destroys squeaky toys, (C) has mobile impairments that impede their squeaky toy fun, or (D) all of the above? Then iSqueek is the perfect app for you and your pup! iSqueek is a virtual squeak-toy that reacts incredibly realistically to your touch. This app truly maximizes smart phones’ unique touch screen and speaker capabilities. The virtual toy compresses and expands in response to your touch. Press on a toy longer or shorter to create different lengths of sound bursts that capture your dog’s attention. Your dog will surely be mesmerized by how such a realistic toy is encased behind a flat, glass screen.

iSqueek includes 18 individual toys, each with its own unique action and sound. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and shapes to find your dog’s squeak-toy soulmate. iSqueek will even remember which toy you last selected, so that your dog’s favorite squeak will always be ready at the tip of your finger (or their paw).

($1.99, iOS)

App for Dog

Video Game App For Dogs

Channel your pup’s inner Picasso with App for Dog! App for Dog is the ultimate dog activity app, featuring a painting game, Yes/No button activity, and a classic training clicker. The app uses large, full-screen, dog-friendly buttons made for curious paws and noses. Your dog can master their art skills with a painting game optimized for nose-and-paw input. Your pup will make a new unique masterpiece every time using paint colors that change automatically! You and your dog can choose from 9 different color schemes express their creativity.

According to the developers, the “Yes/No button training feature is optimized for a dog’s unique visual spectrum – the button colors are clearly distinguishable to dogs’ eyes.” Depending on your dog’s preference, the buttons can activate a clicker, a squeaky toy sound or a bell sound. The app also features a classic training clicker.

This app, with its interface specially designed for both canine and human use, is the perfect bonding experience for you and your dog!  The painting activity is included in this free app – additional paint colors, the buttons activity, and the dog training clicker are available as in-app purchases.

(Free, iOS)

Mixed Breed Dog Sitting Pretty Begging Trick

This year, why not try some new games for your modern pup! We know you love your phone, now your dog will too. These apps will introduce your dog to the digital world in the most entertaining way possible.

Written by: Casey Estorque

January 18, 2019

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