Heartbreaking Video Shows Stunning Transformation Of Street Dog Who’d Given Up

*Disclaimer: Video and images may be hard to view for the sensitive souls.

Indian charity organization, Animal Aid Unlimited has put together a video to share the story of a neglected street pup and how a little attention, love, and care dramatically changed this pup’s fate.

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India is no stranger to the stray pup problem. Time and again the country has struggled to contain the rising population of homeless dogs.

In recent years, various cities have implemented measures like spaying and neutering to contain the growth of the stray dog population. However, once the pups are spayed or neutered they are let right back out on the streets to fend for themselves, giving them a close to zero shot at a forever home.


One Indian city, New Delhi, is pioneering a program where street dogs are being picked up and trained “to be part of a security squad to assist people and detect threats in crowded market places,” the Hindustan Times reports.

While cities are working on innovative ways to help and care for these neglected pups, Animal Aid Unlimited is working hard to help in anyway they can.

The pup featured in the video was found on the side of the street, diseased and defeated. He was taken in by Animal Aid Unlimited where the pup healed and transformed. His journey below spans a two-month period.

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Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago