Get Your Daily Dose Of Cute With These 100% Adoptable Fluffs At Puppy Bowl XII

Team Ruff and Team Fluff are about to battle it out on the field in this year's Puppy Bowl XII. For now, we have 360 degrees of floofs in a rigorous practice session---just click and drag to screen to get Every. Furry. Side. And the best part? There are 49 adoptable puppies from 44 shelters and rescues across the country! [bp_related_article] Want to see an edge-of-your-seat toy tussle? You got it. How about that sleeping puppy curled in a ball? We got you, dude. And that pup that just likes to watch from the sidelines with those "cuddle me" eyes? You're in luck, buddy. Just check out this guy takin' five! take5 And these two trash-talking it out. Don't worry, they settle it. trash talk Don't forget to tune in on Sunday, February 7th from 3--5 P.M. ET to see the real game in action! For more info on each and every one of these adoptable cuties, visit their photo lineup at Animal Planet! You won't be disappointed.
H/t Mashable

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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