The Easiest Dog Walking App for Busy Pup Parents

Written by: Stacie Grissom

May 16, 2016


This post is brought to you by the dog walking app, Wag!, an on-demand service for busy pup parents.

My dog, Pimm, is crazy. This little ruv of my life is a wicked fast, high-energy dog who spends most of her awake moments in Tasmanian devil spaz mode.

A rare photo of Pimm captured with a very fast shutter speed.

Because Pimm is a bone-a-fied maniac, I’m really picky about who I let walk or watch her. The only people I’ve let watch Pimm while I’m gone are co-workers who have crazy pups themselves and seem to share my paranoia for dog safety. Since I’m  a bit of a helicopter dog mom, I’ve been really hesitant to hire a dog walker. The folks at Wag! built an on-demand dog walking app with live GPS tracking for neurotic pup parents like yours truly.


Wag! dog walkers are not random people, they’ve all had background checks. Every dog walk comes with a photo report card with poo/pee status, miles walked as well as detailed notes about the walk.

I tried the app a few weeks ago when I knew I had to go in to work extra early and stay late and my husband was heads-down studying for his exams. Since Pimm is such an energetic lady, it’s really important that she gets lots of exercise each day so that she doesn’t get into mischief. Wag! was definitely a lifesaver as a last-minute way to make sure Pimm was going to get walked that day. Plus,  the first steps of the app reassured me that I was able to clearly communicate all of my worries about a new person walking my crazy pup.


Every field where I could let potential walkers know that Pimm is lickity-lightning fast, I put it in there.


After I added all of my info, the app sent out a request to all of the walkers in my area to check availability. 15 minutes later, I got a text that Samantha would be taking Mz. Pimm on an hour-long deluxe walk! (They also offer 30-minute sessions.) You can book a walk from anywhere and you don’t have to be home as long as you have one of their free lock boxes set up, a hide-a-key, or a doorman to let the walker in.


Samantha came right on time and Pimm seemed really excited and happy. (She loves all guests… Except the exterminator. :P)


As Pimm and Samantha walked, I could see live GPS tracking on where they went. I’ve done this walk before with Pimm and I knew EXACTLY what Pimm was up to with Samantha. Pimm was on a treasure hunt for squirrels… Her second favorite hobby to d-i-n-n-e-r.


At the end of the walk I received an adorable report card with a pic from the actual walk.


The details of the app and the notes from Samantha made me feel a lot more comfortable with the concept of someone else walking my dog. I will definitely be setting up a lock box to let Wag! walkers take care of Pimm when work is crazy and Pimm is unable to come to the office with me. 🙂


Overall my experience with Wag! was great and I’ll definitely use them again to walk Pimm. It’s a big relief knowing I have an option who’ll find someone I’d trust to take her out when I can’t bring her to work with me, and I know Pimm is always happy for an extra chance to walk around the park like a maniac and add more squirrels to her hit list!  If you’re a busy, yet overprotective, dog owner like me, who could use an extra hand with your pup from time to time, Wag! is definitely an option worth exploring.

If want to schedule a walk for your dog, download the Wag! iPhone app, or for non-iPhone users, you can also book a walk on their website.

This post is brought to you Wag! dog walking. Wag! is a on-demand dog walking app with live GPS tracking. Wag! dog walkers are meticulously vetted, background checked, insured & bonded. For every mile your dog walks on Wag!, 10 cents gets donated to Best Friends Animal Society! Wag! currently serves Los AngelesOrange CountyNew York CitySan FranciscoOaklandSan DiegoAustinSeattle and Chicago.  Download the app and schedule a walk today!

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

May 16, 2016

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