Wagster’s Dictionary: Doggo Lingo, Defined

Reviewed by Will Storie

June 26, 2017

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You ever notice your dog doing some small, adorable, ridiculous thing, and find yourself thinking—“man, there should be a word for that!” Well, ask and the internet delivers. Here’s an introduction to some of our favorite dog words, or Doggo Lingo. If you constantly find yourself hunting down dog memes or talking about your favorite puppers with your friends online, this might be familiar to ya…

Used in a sentence: This lil doggo got a big table all to himself, think I’m gonna sit with the doggo and give him a pet?

Used in a sentence: Omg this is the happiest floof right here. A+ doggo.

Used in a sentence: All my doges are borking and it’s givin me a startle.

Used in a sentence: Aw check out this floof about to boof at the UPS guy.

Used in a sentence: Wow that’s a big mlem on such a lil’ pupper.

Used in a sentence: Check out this good boy doin a blop, he must be a hungry doge.

Used in a sentence: That floofy pupperino is doin’ a sploot, she is a very comfy pupper.

Whew, we’re all caught up! And beyond internet lingo, there’s a lot of fun in finding our own words for this stuff too. For instance—whenever a dog makes a squeaky whining sound, I call this a “skwerk,” eg, “Hey pal whatcha skwerkin’ about?” I don’t know why I started doing this, it just… happened.

Do you have a word of your own that you use to describe something your dog does? We want to hear all about it! Reach out and we’ll feature your definition in an email. Wagster’s Dictionary is open for submissions.

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Reviewed by Will Storie

June 26, 2017