Cockapoo Travel Blogger Shares Her 24,000 Mile Adventure

Written by: Greyceli Marin

April 15, 2015

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo blogs about her life experiences, friends, and mummy.

“My father’s a Miniature Poodle called Ginger and my mother an English Cocker Spaniel called Beth. That’s what makes me a Cockapoo.”


The Welsh pup must do most of her blogging abroad, seeing as how she’s traveled a total of 24,312 miles since 2011. That’s about 500 miles shy of the circumference of Earth!

In her very first blog post, the then 5-week-old Miss Darcy logged in her first 200 mile trek, from Wales to London. “The driver took me to what I realised would be my new home,” she wrote nostalgically.

mummy and darcy

May Wong, Miss Darcy’s mummy, shares her thoughts in her daughter’s blog, “I have moved countries, continents, and corporate jobs and adapt to each situation with ease.” At first, she left her pooch behind, “Mummy travelled quite a bit the first year. She still had the wonder bug.”

Slowly, May started taking Darcy around with her. “Mummy was nervous how I would behave on the train at the beginning so we always went first class.” As they both got used to traveling on tracks, they took several weekend trips to Lincolnshire, a county about 160 miles north of London.

may wong boat

Once the duo mutually agreed that they were ready for the next mode of transport, they took a ferry to Germany in honor of Miss Darcy’s first Christmas. For their longest trip together yet, they traveled a total of about 700 miles, combining taxi rides, multiple trains, and transatlantic ferries, all in the spirit of the holidays.

Connemara, Ireland

As with any good karate kid, Miss Darcy’s improvement only earned her more rewards of progress. Her next milestone was a flight to New York, a long 14 hours, about 3500 miles, and her first time ever on a plane. She eventually made her way to dozens of cities around the world, seeking only the best dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and transport.

Miss Darcy has since then traveled to  Scotland (467 miles), South of France (282 miles), Cornwall (255 miles), Brighton (53 miles) Stockholm (1,178 miles) Milan (1,290 miles from Stockholm) Berlin (579 miles) Dublin (371 miles), and, well, you get the picture.

The Resting Diana, Nobel Park, Stockholm SwedenYou can live vicariously through Miss Darcy and her new brother George, and find the best places to take your own pup by following her adventures on her blog, Miss Darcy’s Adventures.

Featured image via TrendwaveH/t to Daily Mail

Written by: Greyceli Marin

April 15, 2015

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