11 Bespectacled Pups Whose Glasses Game Puts Humans To Shame

Written by: Laura Hartle

March 29, 2015

A few years ago, purveyors of chic glasses, Warby Parker, launched Warby Barker – an affordable, stylish eyewear line for dogs. And we were like, “Heck yeah! Finally!” But then, we realized that this launch just happened to be on April, 1st and that it was a joke. A cruel, cruel joke.

C’est la vie. However, we dog-crazy humans at BarkPost happen to think that there are few things cuter in this world than bespectacled pooches. So Warby Parker, we hope you’ll see just how much flyer hounds look than humans in specs and will do the right thing with your Warby Barker idea. 😉

1. “I was gonna ask your thoughts on the new 54 kHz frequency dog whistle, but you’ve probably never heard it.”


2. I’m finally able to see what I look like in the mirror, and newsflash – the answer is I look awesome. #AllThisWastedSwag”


3. “No these lenses aren’t prescription… but do you really need shoes that make you look like you are 4 inches taller? Don’t judge me, human!”


4. “Ok, you got me. Yes, this is the baby’s sweater. And when he is able to rock it better than I can, he can have it back. “


5. “I’ve got 20/20 vision now! Or, 140/140, I guess.”


6. “They said they were gonna make this an artsy shot by making it black and white, and I was like, “Soooo, you mean a normal picture?'” #ILiveMyLifeInInkwell


7. “Well, the cute Lab at the dog park said he was into the sexy librarian look… so, here we are.”


8. “In my bowl, it looked nothing. A simple mealtime offering, almost comic. Just a few scraps – then suddenly – you taste it. A slightly charred flavor, hanging there unwavering, till the richness of well-seasoned meat took over and sweetened it into a phrase of such delight! This was no mere kibble or wet food. This was a taste filled with such complexity, such unbearable savoriness, it had me trembling. My humans told me this spark of divinity was known as “steak.” And, in that moment, it seemed to me that the very voice of God was speaking to me through food.”


9. “They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. So, I’m trying to put it out there that I’d like to be scientist/carpenter/fitness instructor. You hear that, Universe?” #TheSecret


10. “Oh, I prefer the classics. Bark Twain… Virginia Woof.”


11. “♫ Stayin’ incognito, paws smell like a Frito, mark things with my pee, yo ♫ – Ok, ok that last one needs work.” #PuppyMC


Can’t get enough of bespectacled pooches? Join BarkBox and Warby Parker at their New York City, San Francisco and Abbot Kinney locations on Wednesday, April 1st for a fun Warby Barker event! (No foolin’, this time!)

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Written by: Laura Hartle

March 29, 2015

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