Watch This Inspiring Video Of Former Rescue Pups Reuniting Again After Being Adopted

Chicago rescue One Tail At A Time has saved 1,000 dogs since it started in 2008, making it their mission to end euthanasia by finding homes for the thousands of dogs that sit in shelters every day. With help from the community, OTAT has grown and are now embarking on their next endeavor: opening an adoption center.


For the past few months, Barkpost has been chronicling this exciting venture through a series of web videos. In the series, we show how Executive Director Heather Owen and the OTAT team are turning their dream of an adoption center into reality!


In the first episode we looked at freed pups from puppy mills, and in episode two we followed the journey of Kale Chips, a 85-pound beagle on his quest for weight loss and adoption.

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In the newest episode, we take a look at a shelter reunion amongst owners and their rescue pups. If you ever wanted to know about the “magic” of adopting a shelter dog, this video shows that emotional connection owners have when they lock eyes with their pup for the first time. Very inspiring!

Tiffany White

7 years ago