15 Ways Your Dog Helps You Navigate All That Thanksgiving Drama

The holidays can be a stressful time. Lucky for you, a four footed, furry guest, might be the answer to all your problems! Here's why: 1. At least one person will look good in the turkey hat. moreponytail 2. And your Aunt Pearl's seasonal knitting experiment. kattieyk 3. Kitchen help will be offered before, nnvlt_the_bmd 4. And after. lukeflynn 5. You can tell your guests to expect dinner and a show. mattthepit 6. No matter what, someone will always be impressed with the food. Always. wesleybanksauthor 7. The turkey won't ever be too dry. baileyhank 8. No such thing as too many left-overs. kdrophd 9. At least one guest won't be a picky eater, 0_sing_blue_silver_0 10. Or ask you why you aren't married yet. sochitheshiba 11. At the end of the night,you won't be the most turkey drunk person at the party. ollstar 12. The family photo will be cute no matter what. shiner_stella_sheepdogs 13. If you get stuck in a long conversation you can say, "I need to make sure Lucky hasn't found the pie." gap0059 14. You sleep with the MVP, which means you're definitely gonna be on the winning team for family football this year. adventures_of_harley_n_tank 15. You will always be appreciated for your hard work. Even when all the festivities are over.  parealties  

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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