6 Ways You’re Way More Open With Your Dog Than You Are With The Rest Of The World

Your pup comes first. We know it. You know it. The world knows it. There's a reason why the way you are with your dog is just different than the way you are with the rest of the world. It's cuz you can be YOU —At your grossest, silliest, nuttiest, most insane self. It's the best part of being a dog parent. So, we decided to create these wonderful doodles to celebrate those special moments that you share with your dog and no one else. BP_doodles_0005_Layer-Comp-7 BP_doodles_0003_Layer-Comp-5 BP_doodles_0002_Layer-Comp-3 BP_doodles_0004_Layer-Comp-6 BP_doodles_0000_Layer-Comp-1 BP_doodles_0001_Layer-Comp-2

Tasmai Uppin

6 years ago

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