Check your mom’s car pockets and rummage through the junk drawers for those Bed Bath and Beyond coupons we know are hidden in there. It’s finally their time to shine!

Since this iconic blue coupon is basically a must for shopping at Bed Bath, we made a squeaky one so your dog can get the good deals too!

Take it down to the Kitchen Essentials section where we’ve got the best of the best to offer in plush.

Chewtensil Apron complete with cooking utensils and of course, POCKETS.

The BarkFest Club. A pan full of your breakfast favs, ALREADY COOKED. What could be better?

Treat Yo’Self Recipes. Spoiler alert there are four real recipes in here you can make for your dog! And you thought it was just a nice looking crinkle toy, pshhhh.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot. A baking DREAM. Don’t forget to add this guy to your registry.

And just for a little extra something sweet, don't forget to grab a Squeak-Tooth Cupcake.

Put that drawer full of coupons to good use and get this collection in stores or online so your dog can look like this😎


Hope Bobbitt

1 year ago

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