Your Weekly Dingus: Meet Ziggy (The Piglet)

You may remember Ziggy from our original 15 Signs Your Dog Is A Dingus post. As a newbie to the pawffice, I wasn’t familiar with the term dingus at first. And then I met Ziggy, whose entire essence and being is the epitome of a dingus.

The best way to describe a dingus is a dog that, adorable as they are, just can’t seem to get it together. Dinguses, or maybe it’s dingi, are smart dogs who just sometimes do dumb things.

While all dinguses share similar traits, they are all unique. So here’s a little bit about the King Dingus — the Kingus, if you will — of the pawffice, Ziggy.



1. Even his tail doesn’t know what to do with itself. Hence his nickname, Ziggy the Piglet. Obviously his excessive snoring and ability to inhale food at lightning speed helps, but it’s his pig-like tail that dubs him “the piglet.”

2. He can often be seen with drool dangling from his mouth. Sometimes he gets them on both sides, which we call #dueldrool. Seriously, if you want to give him a treat, just make sure you bring your mop.


3. He got to hang out with one of the most famous pop stars of all time and didn’t even realize it. “Who is Ariana Granda? Is she a musician or something or does she just have a great ponytail? Also, how should I sit right now?”



4. He sits like a human. An awkward human. He just doesn’t know what to do with his limbs. It can get awkward at times. Sometimes cute, but mostly awkward.


5. Deciding where to sit is a huge ordeal. Dinguses are notorious for their inability to make decisions. Look, I get it. Lots of questions can come up, like “Is this seat taken? Does he want me here? Which way should I face? Should I cross my legs? Are we going to be sitting for a long time because if not I could just stand? Why is everyone looking at me? Did I make it weird? I made it weird. Ugh, life is hard.”-Ziggy, but also my inner monologue in most social situations.


6. When he’s not feeling confused or awkward, he’s overly excited about food. He goes from 0-100 QUICK.

7. His longest relationship is with pizza. (You’ll want the sound on for this one.)


8. He is the most passive aggressive beggar you will ever meet. Fifteen minutes before his usual dinner time this is what he does.


9. He casually sniffs his junk and then remembers he’s in public. Just like the rest of us, right? Right? Just me then?


10. And here’s an example of his social skills. He hasn’t mastered talking to ladies yet.



11. This is literally the smoothest picture of him that’s ever been taken. And it’s still impressively awkward I can’t even fathom what his high school photo would look like.

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Featured image via @zoyzalsa

Katie Haller

6 years ago