Weimaraners In Coats Are The Most Stylish Thing You’ll See This Season, Or Ever

Written by: Katie Haller

October 15, 2015

It’s Max Mara’s 50th anniversary and they are celebrating in the best way pawsible, with “Dogs In Coats.”


William Wegman is the man behind the Weimaraners who famously modeled these classic double-breasted camel coats, which is a much more eloquent way of describing them than my original attempt which was “those tan coats that detectives wear.” I’m a dog person, not a fashionista, guys.


Of course, Wegman’s Weimaraner, Freddie, made an appawrance at a recent event.


In celebration of their anniversary, Max Mara is displaying Wegman’s famous “Dogs In Coats” polaroids, featuring furbulous Weimaraners sporting the classic 101801 coat, in nine different cities from San Fran, Toronto, Waikiki, and NYC. Thirty limited-edition coats will be available for sale at each location.


Sadly, you can’t take a Weimaraner home, so you’ll have to pull off the extreme style of that coat all on your own.

Featured image via NYMag

Written by: Katie Haller

October 15, 2015