12 Weird Pieces Of “Advice” You Got Before Getting Your Dog

I asked some of my Bark & Co. co-workers what was the strangest piece of advice they got before getting their dog. The results are in, and people are weird.

1. “Don’t step on her.”

“Watch it!”

2. “Count his toes.”

“How do I count? … And what’s a toes?”

3. “Make sure you don’t raise her to be racist.”


4. “Don’t get a dog! You’ll have no social life.”

“Let’s pawty!”

Note: Not true.

5. “Give them milk instead of water – more vitamins.”

“Are you puggin’ kidding me?”

Yeah, definitely don’t do that.

6. “Knee her in the chest if she’s bad, so she knows who is boss.”

“Say what mutherpupper!?”

Note: NOPE. You can be the alpha without being violent.

7. “Don’t let them get on the furniture with you or they’ll think they’re your equal.”

“I am a supreme being. I shall not kiss a lesser being.”

8. “Don’t give him/her a nickname or they’ll always be confused.”

“Who am I?”

9. “You can’t get a dog if you already have a cat – they’ll kill eachother!”

“You have magic paws, Frances.”

10. “Don’t get him fixed.”

“Shut it down! Losing my balls can be good for me, yo!”

dog slap


11. “Don’t get a pit mix. They have lock jaw.”

“I was dreaming about smooching you.”

Note: Wrong.

12. “Don’t get a rescue! They’re loose cannons!”


What’s some of the craziest dog advice you’ve gotten?

Featured image via Stuff On My Mutt.

Zoe Costello

7 years ago

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