15 Signs That Weird Dog At The Dog Park Is Probably Yours

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

June 1, 2016

Have you ever been at the dog park when someone calls out, “Whose dog is this?” and points to your dingus, who’s merrily rolling in poop? Or humping another pup with reckless abandon? It’s tempting to rock back on your heels, shrug, and say, “I have no idea whose dog that is.”

Well, we’re calling you out. We know that pooch is totally yours. So here’s to the dog park misfits, outcasts, freaks, and geeks. We love ’em just the way they are.

1. You know that weird dog at the dog park is probably yours when…he has zero chill around the opposite sex.

Pup on Back at Dog Park

2. …he spends most of his time at the dog park composing the perfect Instagram shot. But it’s gotta look effortless, or he’ll delete.

Dog Park Instagram Photo

3. …her dog park report card reads: Refuses To Share.

Sharing at Dog Park

4. And also: Doesn’t Play Well With Others.

Dog Fight

5. Your dog at the dog park: “Dad. Dad. Dad. Look at me. Dad. Dad.”

Dog Balancing

6. She loves nothing more than ruining her friend’s artsy selfies.


7. He smuggles booze into the dog park, and then he can’t hang.

Resting on Each Other Dog Park

8. Other owner: “Your dog keeps suffocating my dog with his butt.”
You: “Whaaaa…?”

Dog on Dog

9. She thinks she’s twinsies with every single dog in the park.

Sunning Dogs

10. If it has fur and a pulse? Your dog’s humping it.

Dog Hump

11. Every time he finds a stick, he has to pretend like it’s a cigar.


12. She treats the main thoroughfare in the dog park like her own personal cat walk.

Dog Vogue

13. He pees in the pond and laughs at everyone who drinks from it.

Pees in the Pond

14. He uses the dog park as an open forum to explore his sexuality.

dog park buddies

15. She gets overly mouthy when she thinks her friends are cheating at Red Rover.

Mouthy Dog at Dog Park

Featured image via @salgrisenochjag/Instagram

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

June 1, 2016