Sh*t Dog People Text Each Other

We've covered texts from dogs. Sexts from dogs. We've even got a brand-new dogs-only emoji keyboard! So what kind of texts do crazy dog people send to the humans in their lives? Here are 11 texts from fellow dog-obsessed people. dogtextinggiphy 1. Sartorial choices. christinacristina-dog text 2. If you aren't sending drunkenly repurposed song lyrics, why are you even texting me? zoe-poem-text 3. Tito loves. tinywolffactorytitofunnytext 4. Tito poops. tito poops 5. This pup is a HUGE Disney fan. #WheresPlutoThough francis-poodle-disney-mickey-poop 6. This is exactly what I would reply if someone sent me this text. smalltalk-pooping1 [bp_related_article] 7. Tick happens. smalltalk tick 8. When your roommate sends out more funny pictures of your dog than you do. spaceburritofreenie 9. It's a bird! It's an elephant! It's didn't make it onto the pad, whatever it is. donut-poops 10. New rap name: "2 Wipez" pimm-two-wipes 11. I mean he really, really likes that sushi. sushi-boner-dog What kinds of crazy texts have you sent or gotten? :-D
Featured image via @tinywolffactory

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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