21 Weird Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

Of course our dogs love us, but they can't send us greeting cards or buy us gift cards to Victoria's Secret. So what do they do instead? They chew up your underwear, that's what. Below, 21 more very odd things. 1. They photobomb your selfies. dog-ilove-you-23 2. They watch Law and Order: SVU with you, even though they would rather watch Animal Planet. dog-iloveyou-14 3. They interrupt your conversations to tell you how awesome you are. dog-i-love-you-18 4. They let you paint them like one of your French girls. dog-i-love-you-20 5. They watch you all day to make sure you're OK. dog-i-love-you-5 6. And by "watch," we mean spy. dog-i-love-you22 7. And by "spy," we mean stalk. dog-i-love-you-8 8. OK, now it's getting creepy. dog-i-love-you-11 9. They destroy your favorite shoes because they don't want you to leave. dog-i-love-you-14 10. And sometimes they destroy terrible movies they want to "rescue" you from watching. dog-i-love-you-13 11. They're open to welcoming new family members. dog-ilove-you-9 12. Even feline ones. dog-i-love-you-19 13. They "smile" at you, regardless of how scary/ridiculous they look. dog-ilove-you-4 14. Cheeeeese! dog-i-love-you-7 15. Good morning! dog-i-love-you-15 16. They step in when they think you're on your phone too much... dogs-i-love-you1 17. ... and judge you when they know you're doing something stupid (like marathoning Kitchen Nightmares instead of hitting the gym). dog-i-love-you-3 18. They like to show their love by sitting on you occasionally (really). dog-i-love-you-2 19. They also guilt-trip you when you leave. dog-i-love-you-17 20. Or try to keep you from leaving at all. dog-ilove-you-10 21. But no matter what you do, they always make sure to greet you like this: dog-i-love-you-6
Featured Image via @cali_golden_star

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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