Welcome to BarkPost: By Scout

Written by: pdm

September 18, 2012

Hello BarkBoxers. The name’s Scout. I’m an 18-month-old Miniature Schnauzer, head of research and development on the BarkBox team. I’m in charge of testing and screening all toys that go into the BarkBox each month. If I don’t like a treat or toy and give it the cold nose, it does not go in the box. Simple as that. It’s a very serious job and I’m the serious dog to do it.

Obviously this toy did not pass my standards test for BarkBox distribution.

My human coworkers in the BarkBox office say that I am grumpy and they make jokes about my old-man eyebrows, but the thing is, I know what I like and I want to make sure that the things that go in the BarkBox are up to my (above average) standards. To be honest, I’ve wondered about my human coworkers intelligence ever since I’ve learned English and subsequently discovered the ridiculous and childish manner in which they speak to me. “Do I want to go potty? Such a good boy!” Really? I mean, really?

Grumpy Scout
In my spare time I like to listen to Wagner and read The Atlantic in my library. 

All grumblings aside about my human coworkers, I’ve got enough work to do at BarkBox to distract me from the incompetence of the people around me. If you’ve got a complaint about a toy that’s appeared in a box, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] And if you expect a fast response, just hold your hound dogs. You try typing with two paws and no thumbs.

On top of serving as head of Research and Development, I’m also the chief security officer and am a contributor to BarkPost. So welcome to BarkPost, a digest of all things dog-related, sometimes written by dogs. If you have and post suggestions or general communication, again, email me. I will get back to you– but keep in mind that I do have other important duties:

Scout Doing work


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Written by: pdm

September 18, 2012